An Easier Way To Reach Your Google Sites Website

I wanted a shorter, simpler URL for my daughter’s volleyball site which resides on  The athletic director wanted a website address that was easier to remember if you didn’t have a bookmark handy.   I agreed and told her I’d looking into purchasing a domain name and that they usually go on sale near the end of the year.

On Black Friday, I was able to find deals on web hosting and domain registrations through, the company that hosts my son’s basketball team website (   HostGator essentially had hosting and domains for 75% off if you purchased the first three years up front — a savings of over $160.   I took advantage of the sale to purchase a a couple of domains for me and a new domain for the volleyball team.

What I initially thought was that after the purchase, I would just reference it as a new web address from the Google site.   What I didn’t realize is that to do that, you have to provide them with verification that you own the new domain you want to add either by adding a TXT or CNAME entry to your domain’s DNS zone records.  I had seen zone edit capabilities on my site’s cPanel, so I thought would be pretty straightforward.

When I tried to make changes from my cPanel, I ran into a road-block.   The hosting account I had (Hatchling) didn’t allow me to perform zone edits on domains that were not the ‘primary’ domain for the account.   In order to do so, I would need to upgrade to the next level — essentially erasing my savings from the Black Friday sale.   That seemed unreasonable given the cost when all I wanted to do was essentially perform a redirect from the new domain to the Google site.

After some digging on the HostGator knowledge base, I found my answer.   All I needed to do was set the (DNS) nameservers for the new domain to HostGator’s domain registrar ( and then open a ticket to their billing department providing them with my domain and the URL I wanted it to point to.   Once they worked the ticket, the redirect was working for me in a couple hours and propagated out the next day.  Now we have a much easier to use (and remember) web address for the team site.   -MC

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