Losing Your Bearings Can Be Costly

bearingI’m sure you’re wondering what this is a picture of.   Let me give you some clues.   New, it’s around $7-10.   Used it could cost me as much as $150.   It doesn’t make noise but what it touches makes enough noise to stop using it.

Ready to give up?   It’s an axle bearing from our recumbent exercise bicycle that causes it to rattle when I ride it — enough to make me think I was tearing up the bike.   If you look closely at the photo (you can click on it for a larger version), you’ll see a pretty good scratch that starts at about 1 o’clock and goes all the way around until just shy of 3 o’clock.   Either this baby was hammered in wrong at the factory or something got caught in in later to cause the damage.   Just that little scratch/dent causes the ball bearings to stick during the rotation and that causes the flywheel assembly to rattle as it picks up speed. Continue reading