What To Do With A Failing iMac Display

imageEarlier this year, the four year old 24″ iMac in my office starting getting horizontal lines on the display.  It started with one line near the bottom of the screen, worsened with another line appearing and then expanded to the entire screen having problems with wide horizontal bands.

Google searches led me to believe it was the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) overheating due to the internal fans not running fast enough.   Apparently Apple had chosen to set the fans speeds lower to make the unit run quieter at the risk of damaging hardware due to overheating. Continue reading

What To Do When Your Dog’s Groomer Quits


Our dog Snickers is an integral part of our home.   He gets unconditional love and lots of interaction from the entire family.   A few months ago, the groomer we take him to announced that the dog had become pretty difficult to work with and that we’d have to sedate him before any future appointments.   That was hard to accept because she did a fantastic job bathing and cutting him.

I tried to convince myself that if I had done a better job combing the dog out between visits, this wouldn’t have happened.   But since there was nothing I could really do about it now, I decided that I would start combing him out more and learn to groom him myself. Continue reading