A Cheaper Way to Emulate Windows on a Mac Desktop

imageI’m been using Mac desktops for a number of years.   Back in 2006, my wife and I decided to purchase some computer based learning software for homeschooling our kids that only ran on Windows.   I wasn’t crazy about buying another computer ‘just for school’ so I looked into options emulating Windows.

At the time there were a couple of options:  Parallels Desktop, Virtual PC and a fairly new product from Apple called BootCamp, a way to dual boot a desktop in either Mac OS or Windows.   I ended up buying Parallels Desktop for the learning software database server and leveraging BootCamp for the kid’s iMac.    That configuration served us well for a number of years.  There were some challenges getting the family used to the two server setup (e.g. both computers had to be running to use the learning software) and attaching devices (printers, CDs) to Parallels. Continue reading