Welcome to my website/blog.   This is my first stint at setting up a WordPress site.   I’ve built a couple of other sports related websites (my kids’ team sites) using Joomla and Google Sites so it will be interesting to see how this goes.

I’m just at the beginning stages, trying to figuring out the basics — it’s like starting all over again learning something new.  I’m at that ‘confused and overwhelmed’ stage where there’s much I want to do, but don’t know how yet.

I like to learn new things.   I use goals to help push me to learn something new (e.g. my son’s team needs a site, I’d like to fix my computer screen or I’ll tackle grooming my dog.)   In my mind, I tell myself I can figure it out and then I’m off trying to figure out how.

As a husband, father, songwriter, musician, do-it-your-selfer, smart shopper and website developer, there’s plenty of things I can write/journal about here.   If something I share will inspire someone else or save them time or mony, then it will be worth my time/effort.

I’m learning the importance of writing more and hope this site will help me to do just that.   Enjoy!  -MC

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